We work closely with clients, offering services specifically designed to meet their needs.

Business Planning

Writing a plan for your business is often one of the most painful exercises an owner or manager can experience. Businesses often don’t write a plan, or they invest too much time in writing one. Often plans run a multitude of pages, are overly complex, and prove hard to implement. ODA Strategy uses the One Page Business Plan™ to guide our clients through the business planning process. Learn more…


Coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the client enacted in such a way that the coach supports the client as they move towards their business goals. Business coaches work to improve the effectiveness of individuals, managers and executives within an organization. Our coaching services are geared toward managers and executives.

Strategic Consulting

ODA Strategy works directly with executive level management to provide independent and objective advice relating to the company’s progress towards defined long and short term goals. As trusted business advisors, we provide advice and assistance when needed to make course corrections. As consultants, we will be working with you to define projects and implement those projects for results.

Organizational Change

Whether you’ve recently bought a company, are integrating with a new partner, or looking to implement a major internal organizational change, we know how challenging it can be to do it alone in a vacuum. Having worked through organizational change in multiple industries, we work as a strategic sounding board and partner through exciting and challenging times.

People Management

No company can excel without great people. We work with executives and managers to find ways to inspire and grow outstanding talent so you can grow your business. From getting the right people on the bus to getting them in the right seats, nothing can be more accelerating than setting your people up for success.

Non-Profit Services

We spend 20% of our time working with non-profits, and are energized by the great work they do for our communities. We specifically help non-profits with Board development strategies, and grants management. If you think your non profit could benefit from business-minded coaching and advice, please let us know.